Our company’s main activities are the retail and primarily the wholesale trade in tree populations and ornamental plants of any variety. Our company is a leader in the field of arboriculture and has soil types of different characteristics at its disposal in various locations in Italy: Pordenone, Azzano Decimo and Pistoia. In our tree nurseries, which cover an area of approximately 50 hectares, we cultivate numerous varieties of shrubs and ornamental plants, ranging from smaller plants to prestigious tree populations that reach a height of up to 12 metres. The different soil characteristics allow us to cultivate each variety in the area most suited to it.
In Pistoia, which is considered to be the European city with the most tree nurseries, we predominantly cultivate

  • Magnolia Grandiflora (magnolia trees)
  • Cypresses
  • Quercus Ilex (holly oak trees)
  • Laurus Nobilis (bay trees)
  • Camellia
  • Abies Nordmanniana (Caucasian fir trees)
  • Olives trees
  • Pinus Pinea (Mediterranean stone pine trees)
  • Strawberry trees

In contrast, in Friuli we primarily produce varieties that are suited to the Northern climate:

  • Different varieties of beech
  • Birch
  • Maple
  • Ash
  • Mediterranean hackberry
  • Flowering cherry and apple
  • Sweet gum
  • Hornbeam trees

and many more...

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