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Our Company

Vivai Olivo Toffoli has been a leading company in the field of floriculture and arboriculture for more than 80 years. The company was established in 1928 by Cavaliere Olivo Toffoli – a true pioneer in the field of floriculture at the time – and has developed considerably over the years. Today it is not only the largest tree nursery in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, but also a consistently growing top establishment that is active both in Italy and worldwide. Our many years of experience that we have accumulated through our work, the enthusiasm of our expert staff back then and today, as well as the passion for nature make our company a reliable partner in this sector.

Our headquarters are located in Azzano Decimo, in the Province of Pordenone. In Pistoia we operate a subsidiary, which is regarded as the most important production facility for conifers and ornamental plants by industry experts. With professionalism and our own ‘green’ philosophy, our company is active in all areas of floriculture and arboriculture – from the planning, creation and maintenance of gardens, parks and green spaces, through the creation, cultivating and sale of ornamental plants of any kind, to the laying of turf, including in rolls, and the provision of arrangements and flower decorations. What is special about our company is that we have different types of soil at our disposal. Our premises stretch across an area of 50 hectares between Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Tuscany. This is how we are able to cultivate different varieties in the soil that is best suited to them.

Whilst in Pistoia the cultivating of Mediterranean plants predominates, in the Pordenone region we cultivate varieties that are better suited to the Northern climate. As far as the production is concerned, at our establishment you can find plants of all kinds and size at limited production costs - the latter being due to modern automation and the possibility to deliver worldwide. This applies to small flowering shrubs through to the prestigious tree populations that reach a height of more than 12 metres.

Without a doubt, the most important of the different services we offer is the expertise of our team – the approach of our experts is a reliable guarantee that every development and production phase occurs under the best conditions and within a short period of time, ensuring that all the customer’s requirements and expectations are met. This has always been our company’s primary objective. Over the years we have specialised in the study of landscapes and its application and we have landscaped numerous private, public and commercial green spaces in harmony with the surrounding areas and the respective climate.

Thanks to our professionalism and our innovative, environmentally compatible concepts, which have brought us both success and crucial partnerships in Italy and abroad, the entire history of our company embodies quality and environmental awareness.

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