Our approach


First of all, the state of affairs must be established. Our experts, who create the requirements for the work process, carry out a local inspection in order to examine the situation. Initial work instructions are prepared after the following:

  • An inspection of the existing flora
  • A visual inspection of the current architectural situation
  • An analysis of the specific soil requirements, for instance drainage or weeding

The customer is requested to provide the most up-to-date photos and planimetric documents to allow us to prepare an exact as possible cost estimate.

progettazione preliminare
Preliminary Planning

Preliminary planning is the first step for specifying customer requirements.
Following the already undertaken, precise examinations, the customer is presented with an initial, preliminary cost estimate and a technical plan. In order to meet the changeable requirements of every customer, changes may be made until the plan has been approved. In addition, customers may visit our tree nurseries in order to select the different tree varieties for their garden.

progettazione definitiva
Final Planning

During this phase the concept is made real and tangible.
Once the customer has approved the plan, it is processed using state-of-the-art 3D graphics software in order to afford the customer a CLEAR and IMMEDIATE notion of how their project will be implemented by Vivai Olivo Toffoli.

Using photographic and 3D video material, we provide the customer with a 360 degree overview, which is extremely important for a careful evaluation of the current and future privacy of the garden.


Our site managers take on the management of the implementation phase, which is carried out depending on the availability of the customer and with their help. This phase is executed flexibly and organised in such a manner that all of the customer’s requirements can be met. We support our client during the entire preparation of the green spaces and co-ordinate the work by means of a consolidated network of experts and companies boasting 80 years of experience.

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